10 Weirdest Jobs In The World! 10/27/2015 •

10 Weirdest Jobs In The World!

Both our world and society are so diverse and strange! No wonder that there are a great number of various jobs that should be done on a daily basis. Some occupations are really odd and it’s hard to believe that somebody does them as a matter of routine!

We have prepared a list of 10 strangest jobs you possibly have never heard of. They all are quite weird, but somebody has got to do them anyway!

1. Petfood Taster

It's hard to believe, but several people around the world do eat dog food for a living. Testing petfood for smell and texture as well as taste, specially trained tasters are experts in finding the flavors and consistencies dogs and cats enjoy most.

2. Armpit Sniffer

Astonishingly enough, but this job really exists and is quite useful! People of this profession have to test the effectiveness of deodorants by smelling armpits. Hundreds of armpits every day… Next time when you want to complain about your job, remember about this one.

3. "Oshiya"

This is the Japanese name for railway attendants. They have a scope of different responsibilities, but there is one among them, that seems rather odd to people from other countries. It consists in pushing the passengers into the carriages during rush hours. You can see it with your own eyes in this video:

4. Iceberg Mover

We all remember what happened to the unfortunate ship called Titanic in 1912. In the aftermath of this famous tragedy an international organization was founded, which main aim is to monitor the movement of icebergs in the seas and oceans and to tow icebergs out of the path of ships and oil rigs.

5. Gumologist

A gumologist is somebody who researches, creates and tests chewing and bubble gum. You could say they simply chew gum and blow bubbles all day long, but they're also responsible for creating the flavors of the world's favorite gums. the Most professional gumologists have a background in science and work closely with professional tasters, who help them create the best flavors and most bubble-ready gum.

6. Bike Fisher

Everyone knows that Amsterdam is a city of bikes but what few think about is where those bikes end up when they're no longer wanted or abandoned by users. Often the answer is in the city's canals, which is why the local government have specialist boats and staff who roam Amsterdam's waterways dredging for the thousands of bikes - and other items - found on the bottom of the canals each year.

7. Plastination & Biological Preserver

Plastination is the process of preserving bodies or body parts after death. Whilst plastination refers specifically to a releatively new process of mummification developed by Gunther von Hugens, who is famous for the BODYWORLDS public exhibitions, preserving bodies has been somebody's job since Egyptian times. It's also a very important job as universities rely on specially preserved animals to train students of medicine and veterinary science. It's the job of a biological preserver to euthanise animals like frogs and mice, embalm them and prepare them in certain ways, e.g. injecting coloured latex so veins and arteries can be easily identified.

8. Snake Venom Collector

These brave guys are also called snake milkers. It's thanks to them that scientists can produce anti-venin which treats those who do get bitten by a snake. Snake venom is also used in different medication.

9. Artificial Inseminators

It's not just humans who sometimes struggle to reproduce and arguably, it is a bigger problem for those other mammals and animals who face extinction. In many of the world's thousands of zoos there are specialist artificical inseminators whose job it is to collect semen and use it to fertilise elephants, pandas, giraffes, rhinos, and more. It's also the job of hundreds of farmers who artificially inseminate cows, sheep, horses, pigs and turkeys in order to keep up with our demand for meat, milk and poultry.

10. Professional Queuer

How often do you have to queue for something? Or rather, how much would you pay in order not to? Well, there are people who may stand in queues on behalf of other people. All over the world, professional queuers are very much in demand, especially when a new gadget is being released, or in the run up to the January or Black Friday sales.


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