12 astonishing works by street artists that amazed people in 2015 10/1/2015 •

12 astonishing works by street artists that amazed people in 2015

Street artists from all over the world keep fascinating people by their paintings and sculptures. Their imagination seems inexhaustible and their style is unique and bright. We have prepared a shortlist of 12 best creations that have impressed people in different countries this year.

As a rule, street art works are addressed to everybody: to inhabitants of the city and even to the whole world! They are often ambiguous, provocative and reflect social conflicts or problems. Sometimes they emphasize the beauty of stone jungles or change the view considerably. All of them emerge spontaneously and attract attention of thousands of eyes. And finally, some works are real art masterpieces with a certain message.

Now let's wander the streets of different cities and enjoy the brightest works!

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New York, the USA. Author - Jorit AGOch

Bali, Indonesia. Author - WD

Malta. Author - Leon Keer

Berlin, Germany. Author - Wes 21

Hongkong, China. Author - Fin Dac

Kalamata, Greece. Unknown author

Lisbon, Portugal. Author - Bordalo II

Hawaii, the USA. Author - Hula

Karlsruhe, Germany. Author - Dome

Salerno, Italy. Author - Ella&Pitr

Milan, Italy. Author - Millo

Oz, France. Author - Vinie Graffiti

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