15 amazing photos of graceful penguins 1/31/2016 •

Penguins are funny and cute. They are highly adapted to life in the water, even though they raise their chicks on land. We love penguins. There is something special about them. What do you think?

It's an interesting fact that some species of penguins can be found even on tropical islands, while the Emperor Penguins inhabit the area of Antarctica. The form of their body and camouflage keeps them safe in the water. Mother Nature made penguins as flightless birds, yet they do have wing-bones suited to swimming. These beautiful creatures can spend huge part of their lives in water. Moreover, they always hunt in the water.

Penguins are social birds as they prefer to live in large groups. They are loving and caring parents for their chicks. Some species of penguins lay only one egg and take great care of their precious offspring.

There is a special holiday known as Penguin Awareness Day. It's celebrated annually on the 20th of January. So you are welcome to enjoy the marvelous pics we've chosen for you and send your compliments to sweet penguins!

Do you like the pics? Which of them do you like most? Please, tell us about your choice in the comments below!


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