15 most extraordinary sea-bottom dwellers that look like aliens! 4/18/2016 •

15 most extraordinary sea-bottom dwellers that look like aliens!

We bet when you see them, your breath will seize up and your heart will sink, because these creatures are so weird that you can’t even imagine!

It is hard to believe these marine animals are native to our planet, but they are indeed. All of them live at the very bottom of seas and oceans where there is lack of food and almost no sunlight. So, such animals had to develop a very unusual ways of surviving. This may explain why their exterior has become so bizarre.

The bottom dwellers you are going to see are actually sea slugs – invertebrates that resemble terrestrial slugs, but their appearance and color are much more diverse. Some of them are even snails which lost their shells in the long process of evolution.

Now enjoy the photos and remember to share this piece of strange and hypnotizing beauty with your friends!

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