17 photos to prove that Russian winter is magical 12/19/2015 •

17 photos to prove that Russian winter is magical

Do you like winter? We think that common winter is a genuine miracle, while Russian winter is a wonder! Russian winter is something special. Like an artist, it changes landscapes and makes them unrecognizable. That's why photographers are in love with Russian winter.

Their fingers are freezing, but they go on capturing the pristine beauty of this magical season. Why? Ask yourself, what season is usually associated with Russia? You are most likely to say "winter", aren't you? That's why photographers spend hours taking photos of snow and frost.

Interestingly, most Russians do not like winter that much. They are tired of the constant colds, so no wonder people are always looking forward to spring and summer. Nevertheless, every Russian appreciate advantages of winter as well. For example, winter for children is always like a holiday. It gives them a fantastic opportunity to play with snow!

And, finally, Russian winter is just beautiful. We can prove it. Right now.

Do you like the image of Russian winter? Which of the photos do you like most? You are welcome to share yout opinion in the comments below!

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