20 charming watercolor paintings that won't leave you indifferent! 11/13/2015 •

20 charming watercolor paintings that won't leave you indifferent!

The 4th International Watercolor Society Arts Contest has been recently held in Bornova Izmir, Turkey. The contestants from all over the world displayed their artworks. The judges were impressed by the creativity and beauty of the paintings and had a difficult task to select the winners. We offer you to contemplate the best works from this contest.

The topic of the contest was "Homer Love and Peace Through Art". All artists could submit a maximum of three works, and from these only 60 pieces were selected by judges. During the finale, the judges announced and awarded the three winners out of these 60.

Here are the best works:

1st winner - Boonkwang Noncharoen, Thailand

2nd winner - David Taylor, Australia.

3d winner - Jorge Enrique Ferandez Villalba, Peru.

And now a portion of other talented watercolor paintings:

Uday Bhan Singh, India.

Ekaterina Zyuzina, Belarussia.

Thomas Schaller, the USA.

Prafull Sawant, India.

Bat Orshikh, Mongolia.

Lorena Sanchez de la Barquera, Mexico.

Rogger Oncoy, Peru.

Nirupam Konwar, India.

Gabriele Koenigs, Germany.

Sheldon Saint, the Bahamas.

Jorge Enrique Ferandez Villalba, Peru.

Sergey Lysyj, Lithuania.

Patricia Guzman, Mexico.

Prafull Sawant, India.

Endre Penovac, Serbia.

Laurie Goldstein-Warren, the USA.

Thomas Schaller, the USA.

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