360° degree light-paintings: enjoy it from all sides! 3/7/2016 •

A 360 degree light-painting is something worth seeing! This year the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference visitors had a chance not only to check this out, but also to join the fun and be photographed from every side with 32 cameras at once!

Eric Paré believes: 360 degree bullet-time light-painting is the thing he does best. We can well believe it as well! A 360° light-painting structure he presented at the Adobe MAX is something amazing! 32 digital cameras perfectly synchronized and set in the structure took 4000 terrific pictures in 3 days. Almost 1000 guests took part! All the photos taken were immediately sent on the website for everyone to estimate and enjoy!

That's what is happening behind the scenes:

The results are amazing:

Learn more with QuizzClub:

More Info:

That's a breakthrough to the future in photography! Would you like to be a part of that? Tell us what you think of this project in the comments below!

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