5 funny laws of France 8/25/2015 •

5 funny laws of France

There are a lot of weird and strange laws all over the world and France is not an exception. Some of the laws were introduced long time ago and nobody remembers what the reason was.

1. UFO is not allowed to land or take off in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, a wine-producing region. If an unidentified object lands, it will have to be taken to a vehicle impound.

2. Elephants are banned from showing up on public beaches of Granville. Once there was a tent circus with a lot of elephants. Local people were very much afraid of them and officials passed the above-mentioned law. The circus and animals left the city long ago, but the regulation still remains unchanged and sounds strange to modern tourists and locals.

3. It is forbidden to sell dolls with non-human faces in France. French legislators believe such dolls (for example, with alien-like faces) may scare little children and distort their knowledge of the world.

4. Pigs owners must not give their animals the name of "Napoleon" so that they shouldn't offend the great commander. This law was enacted when Napoleon was an emperor of France.

5. People shouldn't kiss at railway stations because it may delay departures.


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