A 6 foot 5 inch model 8/28/2015 •

A 6 foot 5 inch model

An American model that is referred to as the highest model in the world is 2.02 meters high.

Despite her unbelievable height, she does not complex about her appearance and even wears high heals. Aside from her modelling career, Eva Amazon was also starred in movies.

Her real name is Erika Ervin and she is from California. Her height was noticeable from birth and by the age of thirteen she was higher than most adults. During an interview, Erika confessed that this "gift" was nothing but a nightmare because as her rivals were becoming typical beautiful young girls, she kept getting higher. She had no visible chest and during the schools prom, nobody asked her to dance.

During the next couple of years Erika grew even further and in 2011 she made it to the Guinness Book as the highest model. Her childhood dreams were to become a movie star and a super model, so at that time she was happy because her wishes were coming to life.

She works as a fitness instructor and makes good money by sparring with males who are ready to pay $400 an hour to spar with a 6.5 feet woman, who was nicknamed "Babezilla".

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