A baseball fan saved a boy from a flying bat! 3/17/2016 •

A baseball fan saved a boy from a flying bat!

This boy is really lucky as he nearly got struck in the head by a baseball bat, but for a man who was sitting near him!

It happened during the baseball game between Atlanta Braves and Pittsburgh Pirates on March 5, 2016 held in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, the USA. A baseball bat slipped out of Danny Ortiz’s hands, an outfielder from Pittsburgh Pirates, and flew at a high speed to the crowd of fans. It seems the boy was too busy on his phone to even realize that the bat was approaching him. Luckily, a man sitting next to the boy reacted very quickly and stretched out his arm to protect the child. It turned out that the man is the boy's father, but he is a real hero anyway!

The incident was captured by the photographer Christopher Horner from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

By the way, a wooden baseball bat weighs about 1 kg and if it strikes into one’s head at a high speed the consequences may be rather sad.

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