A dog, a hamster and 8 birds – the most unusual and tender friendship in the world! 3/1/2016 •

A dog, a hamster and 8 birds – the most unusual and tender friendship in the world!

This Golden Retriever’s name is Bob and he is possibly one of the friendliest and kindest dogs on the planet! Look at the pics and you will see why.

Bob the dog lives with his master, a hamster and 8 birds of different species in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He obviously gets on well with the guys and, moreover, seems to adore posing as a model when the master takes his photos.

Though Golden Retrievers are good hunters, they are nonaggressive, very calm and friendly which makes them ideal companions for people of all ages. These dogs are usually on good terms not only with people but with other pets as well, and Bob is a vivid example of the fact.

Aren't the pics cute and funny? Have you witnessed other cases of tender friendship between animals? Tell us in the comments!

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