This almost blind astronomer can see stars better than most people do! 9/28/2016 •

"My name is Tim Doucette. I'm an amateur astronomer. And I'm also legally blind. Kind of an oxymoron, isn't?"

With only 10 percent of his eyesight, Tim Doucette now helps other people to find out more about astronomy in his own observatory opened for visitors.

In childhood, Tim had congenital cataracts, and doctors had to remove his lenses and widen his pupils. After the operation, Tim was left almost blind.

Doucette's problem with eyes allows his pupils to pick up more light. This man is practically able to see in the dark!

Tim's unique ability allowed him to evolve his hobby into something bigger and more serious. He has built an observatory which became a popular tourist destination.

Tim is happy he can share his precious knowledge with others. His wife, who also has problems with eyesight, helps Doucette in his amazing work.

Watch this video to find out more about Tim and his work:

I think we can all learn to lead by his example. Now we are waiting for YOUR amazing stories in the comments below.

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