A man meets a family of mountain gorillas in the forest of Uganda 9/26/2015 •

The man was incredibly lucky to experience an encounter with wild gorillas that seemed to like him immensely! This was really an event he will never forget.

John, who is a photographer, went to Uganda together with his friends. They were going to find and observe wild gorillas and to take photos of them. The men hired an experienced wildlife guide and went deep into the Bwindi National Park in the southwest of Uganda.

It is important to mention that this national park is home to mountain gorillas that are on the edge of extinction. According to the recent data, there only 700 or perhaps 750 individuals left on the Earth. They inhabit mountainous forests of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The encounter was rather unexpected, but John's friend managed to shoot everything in detail. Judging by the video John didn't panic at all. He froze and bent his head down, trying not to look in the apes' eyes and thus showing that he posed no danger to them. While the male gorilla with a silver back was sitting calmly behind John, the youngsters got curious and started to touch and even groom the man!

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