A mom turns healthy food into cartoons to get her son to like it! 9/12/2016 •

Everybody knows that children are picky eaters. Loving parents try different approaches, but the one invented by this mom is ingenious!

Laleh Mohmedi's son Jacob is not a big fan of spinach, cabbage and cucumbers. But, just like any boy, he adores cartoons ans movies. Laleh derived inspiration from her son's preferences and decided to make healthy food attractive for him. She started with a pancake formed as a lion, and Jacob absolutely loved it. That's how Jacob's Food Diaries started. Laleh shared her experience in the Internet, and everyone found her works amazing. And guess what? Now Jacob eats vegetables with pleasure!

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And do you like healthy food? What about your children? Would you like to taste one of these dishes? Tell us in the comments below!

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