A new method to clean the oceans from garbage 8/13/2015 •

A new method to clean the oceans from garbage

A 20-year-old student from Netherlands had a fixed idea to remove the garbage from our oceans. He came up with his own method and it is already in the testing phase. The results are amazing.

It is often said that all genius inventions are plain simple. Boyan Slat came up with an idea of floating array that sits on water and collects garbage over time. This way the floating garbage gets trapped and it does not affect the fish in any way.

For testing purposes he decided to install such a system between South Korea and Japan, because that area is considered to be heavily polluted. The length of the construction will be two kilometers. The system works because of the water currents. Periodically the garbage has to be collected and transported to land, but it is a small effort considered that the rest of the process is done by the nature itself.

If everything goes well, a larger system will be implemented which will be 100 kilometers long! This could remove 42% of the accumulated garbage in the Pacific Ocean over 10 years, which is 70 320 000 kg of waste!

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