A New "Ninja" Lanternshark Is Collected Off The Pacific Coast Of Central America 1/7/2016 •

A New "Ninja" Lanternshark Is Collected Off The Pacific Coast Of Central America

A new species of lanternshark is described from eight specimens collected off the Pacific coast of Central America. The depth range of collections is between 836 and 1443 meters. Actually, it is the first lanternshark to ever be discovered in the area.

The glow-in-the-dark species is also known as the Ninja lanternshark. It is coloured black with the mouth and eyes having white markings around them.

The maximum length of male body is about 12.8 in, while that of the female one is 20.3 in. This species is distinct from other members of the clade as it has dense concentrations of dermal denticles closely surrounding the eyes and gill openings.

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