A new type of ecologic housing 8/17/2015 •

A new type of ecologic housing

"Ecocapsule" is soon to be one of the best mobile housing to use for camping.

The house is a combination of an ergonomic external form, a compact use of space and the ability to use the tap, a warm bed and cook yourself a meal without using an external electricity source.

It may seem small, but two people can live inside with comfort. The integrated kitchen with sewage, a toilet and a hot shower - those are some hotel luxuries that are now available in the wild.

The capsule gets its electricity from the wind turbine and the solar panels which are located on the roof. This system of two energy sources allows the owners of the house to use the luxuries during the day with no sun or wind.

The top of the capsule is covered with highly efficient solar panels which cover 2.6 square meters of the roof, and the extendable wind turbine pole can raise up to 750 Watt.

Right now, the only problem this capsule faces is a windless night.

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