A story of a micro-piglet that turned into a very charming but full-sized hog! 3/27/2016 •

A story of a micro-piglet that turned into a very charming but full-sized hog!

This wonderful pig has already won the hearts of thousands of people and your heart is next!

When Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, a couple from Canada, adopted a micro-pig, they couldn’t even imagine how their life would change. First and foremost, the animal that was supposed to be small, grew and grew until it reached the size of a big commercial pig! However, the guys didn’t get upset as they were totally in love with clever and tender Esther who became a true member of their family.

Of course, it was hardly possible to keep the pig in an ordinary apartment and the two dads decided to buy a farm that would become home to Esther and other animals in need.

Now Esther the Wonder Pig as they call her weighs about 670 pounds, but these are 670 pounds of intelligence and charm! She is the true owner of the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary where she lives with other animals. The guys have become vegans and now try to persuade other people that these animals aren’t just meat but loving, clever and tender creatures!

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