A teen girl saves a dying horse and it changes the lives of both 9/29/2015 •

It was a chance encounter on a country road, but it changed the lives of two creatures: a teenage girl Kelsey Allonge and a horse. This touching story of real friendship won't leave anybody indifferent!

One day early in the morning, Kelsey and her mother were driving along a country road and noticed a young skinny horse lying in the grass that was obviously abused and starving.

It was impossible to put her into the trailer, but the girl couldn't let her stay there and die. She made a brave decision to walk it home that was almost nine miles away…

This is a story with a happy end, but there are a lot of other animals that are severely abused and, unfortunately, there is no hope for them. Kelsey Allonge deserves respect for her actions. Thanks to her the horse is now in good health condition and quite happy.

And what do YOU think about it?

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