American artist creates spectacular glass sculptures which sparkle like diamonds! 6/11/2016 •

This is really a must-see post for all true art-lovers, since creations by Jack Storms can be described as outstanding, unique and unbelievably beautiful!

This world-renowned California-based artist makes his fine art designs from special dichroic glass. This glass is actually myriads of microlayers of metals and their oxides fused with quartz crystals under vacuum. Such glass possesses unique characteristics. For instance, it reflects light beams in such a way, that an object made of such glass shines immensely bright with various colors. The colors may change depending on an angle of observation.

Storms cuts out certain shapes from such glass, polishes them thoroughly, joins them together with epoxide and finally encapsulates into lead crystal. Though the process of creation is described in a couple of sentences, in reality it is very complicated and time-consuming. The artist may spend several months on producing one sculpture. However, such a hard job is surely worth it, for the resulting art objects are so fascinating that baffle any description.

Let us marvel at this beauty immediately! Please mind that some of the following images are dynamic.

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