American professor has created a tree that grows 40 different types of fruit! 7/6/2016 •

Believe it or not, but the Tree-40-fruit really exists. It is a unique and amazing creation by Sam Van Aken, a selectionist and artist. With the help of grafting, he turned a common tree into a garden!

Sam Van Aken is a professor at Syracuse University. He is an artist by profession who is really fond of selection. Sam treats all his selectionist projects as art and is inspired by the opportunity to transform reality through selection.

Several years ago, Sam decided to improve a common tree and grafted buds of various fruit trees onto a stem of this tree. The experiment proved to be successful and Sam continued grafting various buds until the tree got 40 different fruits on it!

For example, the tree has such fruit as cherry, apricot, peach, plum, almond, pear and apple of different cultivars.

Blossom and fruiting seasons of different parts of the tree do not coincide and as a result, it is covered with flowers and fruits almost all year round!

This is not the only wonder-tree, created by the professor. He started his experiments in 2008 and has grown about 16 similar trees by now. Some of them now adorn local parks, business and shopping centers.

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