An amazing time lapse journey to Norway 5/10/2016 •

Norway is one of the most beautiful European countries. Its dramatic and powerful landscapes will definitely take your breath away.

Morten Berg, a photographer from Oslo, has visited Norway's most fascinating and beautiful natural attractions to create this video. Norwegian fjords, lakes and mountains really render the spirit of this miraculous country. It took Berg 15 months to complete the project, he had to make a lot of journeys, and some of them were really dangerous. For example, he had to climb Galdhøpiggen, a mountain 8,100 ft (2,469 m) tall!

Anyway, the photographer coped to show all the beauty of his homeland in this time lapse video. He shared most precious and breathtaking moments of his journeys with us. Put your headphones on and just enjoy!

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What do you think of this video? Would you like to visit Norway one day? Or have you already been to this beautiful country? Tell us in the comments below, please!


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