An american artist creates amazing art objects by tearing them apart! 10/9/2015 •

What do you think art is? Valery Hegarty is an American artist who presents her own point of view. She creates surrealistic installations that fascinate and scare you at the same time.

Valery managed to cut through the clutter by constructing the strangest art objects. All her creations are critically engaged in art history, but she somehow violates modern norms of beauty.

Her style is unique as while producing her installations she uses not only canvas and coloring but also fire, insects, animals, fruits and even natural forces (for example, floods or earthquakes).

Valery says that she is eager to show the darkest side of American society. That is why all her works are distressed: she imagines the impact of both natural and man-made disasters on the art objects.

Once during her solo show she filled the entire space with beautiful "rusted" seascapes. Actually, she often returns to shipwrecks as they do possess some inexplicable magic, don't you think so?

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