An Artist Turns Scrap Metal Into Amazing Animals 1/2/2016 •

An Artist Turns Scrap Metal Into Amazing Animals

The creator of this amazing project says that it's wildlife that gives him constant inspiration. Now we look at his works and believe every single word he says. Only a true nature lover can create such beautiful things. Should we really call them "things"? These animals look like they are alive!

The artist's name is JK Brown. He has always loved to watch animals, especially in the wild. He says that he was drawing animals as long as he remember himself. Today, he picks up fragments of metal that have been thrown away by people. Sometimes he finds the metal pieces washed up on beaches. After he collected the required amount of the pieces, he reassembles these fragments into marvelous monuments. He builds these monuments in order to honor the natural world around him. We. Are. Speechless.

What do you think about such art? Which of the sculptures do you like most?

More Info: etsy


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