An incredible social experiment! This is how people react when they are told that they are beautiful! 12/11/2015 •

Have you ever been told that you are beautiful? 18-year-old high school student decided to conduct an experiment. She asked people (most of them she didn't know) to pose in front of her camera and then she told them the magical phrase: "I take pictures of things I find beautiful".

The reaction of those people was fantastic. At once, they started smiling and blushed. The independent project suddenly turned into a social experiment regarding people's beauty. The creator of the project says that her intentions were not to get a certain reaction out of people. She was simply filming the beauty, thus, revealing the best sides of the project participants.

Well, we do think that all the participants are really beautiful, especially when they are smiling. What do you think? Please, tell us your opinion in the comments below!

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