Astonishing experiment in the metro: Joshua Bell plays his Stradivarius violin! 10/14/2015 •

Do you often see street musicians? Do you ever stop to enjoy their performance? Can you recognize the real beauty in everyday routine? The Washington Post carried out an experiment when a world-renowned violinist played in the Subway. The result was surprising.

It happened in 2007. On a chilly January day a man with a violin appeared at a metro transit station of Washington D.C. He was playing for 43 minutes. During this time he played 6 compositions. It was rush hours and about 1000 people passed him by. Only 7 people paused to listen to him playing and 20 more people threw him money without even stopping. By the end of his performance the man earned 32.17 dollars.

Only one of the passers-by guessed that the violinist was a famous musician Joshua Bell, one of the best violinists in the world! He played the most difficult classical compositions ever, and his Stradivarius violin was almost 300 years old (and cost about $3.5 million)!

Two days before the subway experiment Joshua gave a concert in Boston where the average ticket price was 100 dollars. Nevertheless, there were no spare seats in the concert hall.

The performance in the metro was a part of a social experiment held by the Washington Post. The main aim of the experiment was to see whether people would be able to notice the beauty and talent in unusual conditions.

We suggest you watch the video and derive the conclusion from the experiment yourself!

What about you? Would you be able to recognize the beauty? You are more than welcome to leave your comments below!

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