Awesome Las Lajas Sanctuary hidden in a rocky canyon! 5/9/2016 •

Awesome Las Lajas Sanctuary hidden in a rocky canyon!

The amazing neo-gothic cathedral in Colombia is not only a beautiful place, but also an extremely popular pilgrimage destination for many Christians. Discover a wonderful story behind the sight with our article!

The sanctuary (Santuario de Nuestra Señora de las Lajas) dominates over the Guáitara River in Colombia, as if clutched in a narrow canyon. The most visited chapel in Colombia, it covers an acheiropaeic image of the Holy Virgin (Senora de las Lajas) which appeared on a cave wall in the middle of the 18th century.

As the legend goes, in 1754, a deaf-and-dumb girl named Rosa first found this image and was healed miraculously: she could now hear and talk. After this wonderful event, thousands of pilgrims from Colombia and Ecuador visited the place. Unfortunately, the small cave couldn’t hold all the visitors, and in 1794, the first chapel was built where people could bring candles and flowers.

The modern cathedral is actually the third building constructed over the cave with the holy image. It was completed in 1948 together with a 30-meter high arched bridge. The sanctuary serves as a symbol of friendship between the two nations – people of Colombia and Ecuador.

On the rocks near the cathedral, there are hundreds of plates with acknowledgements by people who were miraculously cured.

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