Beach rescuers in Hawaii saved an injured tiger shark – an incredible video! 5/25/2016 •

An injured tiger shark swam to one of the beaches in Honolulu. Though this species is quite a dangerous predator, the rescue team rushed to its aid. What happened then was captured by a camera!

It turned out that the tiger shark got into a fishing net, but managed to escape with two big fishing hooks in its mouth. Disoriented it swam to the shore where was spotted by one of the local beach rescuers.

The brave guys seemed not be afraid at all. They carefully removed the hooks and released the shark into the ocean.

Tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) are widespread in tropical and subtropical areas of the global ocean. These large predators can reach the length of 5.5 meters! Their diet usually consists of crustaceans, fish, marine mammals, birds, snakes and turtles. Sometimes fishermen find even parts of human bodies in their big stomachs. According to statistics, people in Hawaii are attacked by the tiger shark about 3-4 times yearly, but fortunately, most of the attacks are not fatal.

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