Bobby Greyfriars – a dog who spent 14 years guarding his master’s grave until he died himself! 7/19/2016 •

A story of this devoted dog resembles the story of famous Hachiko, but it happened almost one hundred years earlier.

John Gray, Bobby’s master, worked as a night watchman for the Edinburgh Police, Scotland. He took Bobby the Skye Terrier when he was a puppy and the two friends lived in peace and friendship for two years.

Sadly, John died in 1858 from tuberculosis and was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh. The dog followed the funeral procession till the cemetery and when his master was buried, he didn’t want to go away and stayed near John’s grave.

During next 14 years, Bobby lived at John’s grave. He only rarely left the cemetery to find food. Local people sympathized with Bobby and regularly fed him. In winter time, when it was very cold, kind people let him spend nights in their houses. But every morning he returned to the grave.

There is a legend that one day Bobby was nearly killed as a stray dog. At that time he was already famous in the city and the mayor of Edinburgh decreed that Bobby should be taken under the municipality protection.

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