Boeing shows off an innovative material that is the lightest metallic structure ever made! 10/17/2015 •

This material is called microlattice. It consists of special hollow metal tubes with the walls of 100 nm, which is almost 1000 times thinner than a hair! Besides, the structure contains 99.99% of air and can easily rest on top of a dandelion!

Microlattice is 3 dimensional material that resembles bone tissue in its structure. Our bones are very hard from the outside, but inside they are not monolithic and have a lot of hollows. As a result, bones are light and hard at the same time.

Microlattice is said to possess the same qualities but in a greater degree: it is incredibly strong and extremely light!

The lightest metal in the world, as it is called by Boeing researchers, is a nickel-phosphorus alloy that is coated onto an open polymer structure. The polymer is then removed, leaving a structure of the nickel-phosphorus, thus creating the lightest metallic structure.

Sophia Yang, a research scientist of HRL Laboratories, says that this front-edge technology can be used in many areas, first of all in the aerospace industry. For instance, planes will be much stronger and lighter due to this material, thus being safer and demanding less fuel.

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