Building a new skyscraper is better than renovating an old one 8/20/2015 •

Building a new skyscraper is better than renovating an old one

You may have seen abandoned houses, but this will blow your mind!

The highest abandoned skyscraper, Sathorn Unique is located in Bangkok. The construction of the 49 stories high structure began in the 1990s, when Thailand was experiencing economic growth. During this growth, Sathorn Unique was almost finished, but the crisis of the 1997 froze the construction. You can see what Sathorn Unique looks like right now in the picture provided. It is seen that the skyscraper was almost finished.

Sathorn is used as a banner-holding billboard. Entering it is dangerous and is forbidden, but it does not stop the local youth that likes to visit and hangout in the building. It also became an attraction to base jumpers. Some engineers say that the construction could collapse any second because it has not been finished and has not been maintained for almost two decades.

The economy of Thailand has completely restored itself from the crisis and Bangkok is a growing city, but the skyscraper remains untouched because the reconstruction and renovation costs much more than building a brand new building.

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