Can a hot drink cool you down faster than a cold one? 7/24/2016 •

In the heat of this summer, there’s nothing like the taste of ice cold water.

Are cool beverages the best thing to drink if you want to cool down? According to the recent researches, they are probably not. Paradoxically, hot coffee turns out to be better for cooling off.

We all know that hot drinks trigger a high sweat response. So, let’s imagine you’ve drunk a cup of hot coffee. You start to sweat, but your core body temperature isn’t raised that much. And sweating is the best way to cool down one’s organism!

However, you won’t feel the desirable effect if your sweat hasn’t evaporated. That’s why you’d better wear clothes that don’t trap moisture. Otherwise, a mug of hot tea will only make you hotter!

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Have you ever heard about this phenomenon? Would you rather stick to an ice cold water?


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