Cats do not like drinking water and eating at the same place 8/21/2015 •

Cats do not like drinking water and eating at the same place

Have you ever noticed that your puss often refuses to drink water from a bowl, but prefers to do so from a tap or from a glass left on a table or even from a lavatory pan? Such behavior is not accidental: domestic cats are predators and still possess a lot of wild-life instincts!

In the wild predators normally do not drink water from any reservoirs near the place they eat or have just hunted successfully because the water may be contaminated by a corpse of a dead animal.

The same behavior pattern can be observed among domestic cats: if a water bowl is quite close to a bowl with food they will either drink reluctantly or refuse to drink at all.

The direct ancestor of our cats was a prairie cat ( Felis silvestris lybica) that still lives in North Africa. Though there are a lot of genetic differences between the two species now, domestic kitties still behave as if they lived in the middle of a hostile prairie or desert.

As a rule, cats drink little: life in a desert taught them not to waste precious liquid. That's why their kidneys extract almost all water from urine making it extremely concentrated and odorous. More than that, cats can drink even salty sea water which is absolutely impossible for a human.

Another example of cats' oddity is a flurry of their activity at inappropriate time – in the late evening or before dusk. The reason for this is quite trivial – wild cats preferred hunting at twilight and sleeping during the daytime. When the sun was shining brightly it was very hot to run across a desert and difficult to hide from other stronger predators, whereas at dawn or dusk cats could be almost invisible for both victims and enemies.

So, many of cats' strange habits are adaptive mechanisms that helped kitties survive throughout several million years of evolution without a man until they were domesticated.


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