Cesarean Section may have a negative impact on a baby’s brain development 9/3/2015 •

Cesarean Section may have a negative impact on a baby’s brain development

Canadian scientists arrived at such a conclusion after a series of experiments with three-month-old babies. Among other things, the researchers discovered that due to this way of delivery babies may experience difficulties with focusing.

To hold the experiment, the researchers used two groups of babies: those who were born via a vaginal delivery and those who were born via C-Section.

First and foremost, the scientists defined what visual images attracted the babies' attention most of all by showing them different pictures. After that, these images were shown to the babies in the left or right part of a screen in a predictable sequence.

Judging by their eye movements, the scientists defined in what part of the screen the babies expected to see the succeeding image. Such "eye behavior" is closely related to a very important function of human brain – visual spatial attention. This function helps us recognize certain objects in the environment and focus on them.

It turned out that the babies from the second group (born via C-Section) focused on the expected images slower than the babies from the first group. These results allow us to suppose that the way of childbirth influences brain functions of a baby.

Nowadays, there is a considerable increase in the number of Cesarean Sections in the developed world. Unfortunately, the procedure is often carried out even without any medical indications, just because women are afraid to give birth naturally.

The WHO recommends that the number of such procedures should be reduced, since this surgical intervention may pose a threat to both a mother and a baby.

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