Do You Know How 'Tasty' Hot Dogs Are Actually Made? We Will Show You The Disgusting Reality! 11/25/2015 •

Well, if you are fond of fast food, we have bad news for you. So you'd better ask yourself twice before you watch an in-depth video that meticulously charts the disgusting procedure of hot dog making. We have already sworn off fast food for life!

Even though the voiceover describes these hot dogs as 'mouthwatering', we are sure they are not. The voiceover talks us through the disgusting process and informs that the traditional hot dogs are made of a mix of beef, pork and chicken. But does this gray mush look like meat? Hell no! So, the meat gets whizzed until it resembles something very unpleasant, then the mush gets mulched around with water until it turns into something even more mawkish. Then, corn syrup is added to the mix in order to 'add a touch of sweetness'. They add more and more water until finally the mix is piped into casings.

It takes 35 seconds to produce a chain of hot dogs to span a football team twice.

Then, the hot dogs are to be smoked with liquid smoke, and then they are drenched in cold, salty water.

Just have a look at these weird pictures:

What do you think about hot dog making? Is it really that disgusting? Please, share your opinion in the comments below.

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