Elevators with no doors 8/31/2015 •

Elevators with no doors

Several decades ago when elevators ascended and descended at a slow pace, innovations had to be done to the current design to improve efficiency. The solution was the invention of elevators with no doors.

They are called paternosters. The idea is simple: hang multiple cabins on a cable, remove all doors and move the cabins with slow speed. That way people have the opportunity to jump on and off the cabin successfully. At the speed of 0.95 feet per second it did not seem like a challenge. Also, the new design solved the issue of spaciousness, allowing the door-less elevator to fit more passengers than the modern models.

These elevators were popular in England, but in the US they are hardly known . As a result of several tragic cases where children or elderly people did not have time to leave the elevator and their limbs got stuck, many companies began to avoid using paternosters. Some have survived to this day. For example, some Moscow administrative buildings use these "constantly moving" elevators and a 2015 survey showed that Germany has more than 200 registered and active paternosters.

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