Even Darth Vader Has to Live an Ordinary Life! Watch How He Does it! 11/26/2015 •

Even Darth Vader Has to Live an Ordinary Life! Watch How He Does it!

YES! At last we are able to understand that the Sith Lord is just a normal guy with everyday life problems that have to be solved. Let's find out how he does it!

Actually, all these photos are the parts of an ongoing 365 project. So, the creator of the project updates one new photo every day and plans to continue until the Episode VII premiere.

That's what we call an achievement! Are you ready to reveal the truth about Darth's everyday life?

Very interesting!

Almost done with this useful book!

And that's what happens when I'm too tired of paparazzi!

All I need is to be stylish...and dark

Watching Episode VII trailer. Well, I'm impressed. Have YOU watched it?

Why not? Selfie!

That's the breakfast of the ruler!

The old days...

Yep, call me a bookworm.

Strong & Handsome!

A little party never killed anybody

Everybody loves pizza.

And what do you think about "good" Darth who has a lot in common with you? You are welcome to share your opinion in the comments below!

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