Exercises for eyes that should be done on a daily basis 9/16/2015 •

Exercises for eyes that should be done on a daily basis

Our eyes need training, especially if we spend a lot of time sitting at a computer. There are certain exercises that can be done to relax one's eyes and even to improve eyesight.

Here are several useful exercises that should be done on a daily basis. All of them are to be done without glasses and contact lenses.

Exercises to improve motion of blood and intraocular fluid in ones' eyes:

1. Close your eyes for 5 seconds, then open them for 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 8 times.

2. Close your eyes, then massage your eyelids tenderly (in circular motions) by tips of your forefingers.

3. Hydromassage. After getting up in the morning, wash your eyes with hot water and then with cool. In the evening before going to bed follow the reverse procedure: first wash them with cool water and then with hot.

Exercises to improve accommodation ability of one's eyes:

Accommodation is an important ability of our eyes to adapt to environmental conditions.

4. Stick a small (0.2 in) colorful mark to a window at the level of your eyes. Standing 1 ft away from the mark choose any object outside the window (it may a tree, a car etc). First look at the mark on the window for 2 seconds, then focus on the chosen object outside also for 2 seconds. Repeat the task 10 times at least.

Exercises for relaxation:

5. Close your eyes for several seconds and imagine something nice and pleasant. If you rub your palms and then close your eyes with the warm palms folding your fingers, the effect will be enhanced.

Exercises to strengthen eyes' muscles:

6. Look up and down with the maximum amplitude.

7. Make circular motions with your eyes first clockwise and then anticlockwise.

8. Draw imaginary lines and figures with your eyes – diagonal lines, squares, lozenges, vertical and horizontal arcs.

9. Draw imaginary letter "S" first horizontally and then vertically.

10. Put a forefinger on your nose and try to look at it with both eyes simultaneously.

11. Wink as fast as you can for several seconds.


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