Fantastic reality: the world’s darkest human-made material looks like a black hole! 7/15/2016 •

No, this is not a dark hole in the foil, this is a super-black substance which absorbs almost every single light quantum!

Vantablack is the darkest substance ever, which absorbs about 99,965 % of various types of radiation: light, microwaves and radio waves. To put this into perspective, the blackest coal can absorb only 96% of radiation.

This fantastic material was created by British National Physical Laboratory and Surrey NanoSystems in 2014. The substance is actually a structure of vertical nanotubes, which “grow” on a foil surface.

British scientists managed to improve the material and make it even blacker, but unfortunately, there is no way to measure the material’s characteristics simply because no modern spectrometers can do so!

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