Girl suffering from a rare disease becomes best friends with a powerlifter nicknamed “The Beast”! 4/25/2016 •

Girl suffering from a rare disease becomes best friends with a powerlifter nicknamed “The Beast”!

This incredibly kind story has already touched thousands of Internet users. Our world would be a greater place if there were more such warm-hearted people like the sportsman David Douglas.

Since her very birthday 12 years ago, Lindsay Ratcliffe has been fighting with a rare inborn illness called progeria . This illness is, in fact, a genetic mutation which causes premature aging of skin and inner organs. The illness is so extremely rare that there are only 80 cases of it registered in the whole world!

David and Lindsay met in 2013 at a powerlifting event which was conducted to benefit children with rare disorders. They have been friends ever since.

Though the two of them look so different they have something in common - they both are immensely strong. David is physically strong whereas Lindsey is spiritually strong! In spite of the cruel disease, the girl stays very optimistic and open-hearted.

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