Nail houses 8/27/2015 •

Nail houses

When new structures are planned to be built on old land, all the houses on it have to be demolished and the owners have to move. But sometimes, the owners do not want to.

Such scenarios are not uncommon and can happen anywhere. For example in China. On the photo is an old shack in the Nanning region. When the nearby houses were being demolished by the government order, the owner refused to leave his home's walls. He was offered a new place in an elite house, and was even offered money to cover his expenses, but no luck - the man was committed to his own house. 15 years have passed and large apartment buildings have been raised and now the lonely house is interfering with the traffic. But it is his house and his rules and nobody can force him.

Sometimes, during the construction of new city blocks or roads some citizens refuse to abandon their houses and as a result their homes are left untouched. Such houses really contrast the modern architecture and design of the streets.

Such houses are called "nail houses" from the Chinese "Dingzihu". They are not a novelty to the people because they often tend to occur during the construction of new massive megalopolises.


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