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Gosh, this country is awesome! It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, so visiting Norway would be a wonderful adventure! One more good point is that this country is not overcrowded at all, so you will have plenty of space. Can't believe us? Just have a look at these pics...You will be infatuated with the country's cold beauty!

Are you ready?


What is Trolltunga? It is a piece of rock that is stuck out of a mountain about 2,300 ft above the lake level. The name is translated literally as "The Troll's tongue".

The cliff rises 1980 ft above the fjord!

Preacher's Pulpit

That's a place to visit for the brave ones! We would never ever take a step to this thing! And what about you?


The valley is famous for its untamed landscapes. Look at its azure water! All we need to know is why we can't visit it right now!

Lodalen Valley

It seems that this bridge will lead you to the heaven. Alas! It is just a gorgeous optical illusion!

The Storseisundet Bridge

The waterfall has seven separate streams-sisters. According to the legend, the sisters just dance down the mountain, while another waterfall (The Suitor) flirts with them from afar.

Geirangerfjord (Seven Sisters Falls)

It was opened on the 7th of July, 1989. Today, the road is considered to be a cultural heritage site and still working!

The Atlantic Ocean Road

Hammerfest's Aurora

The town has been known for Aurora Borealis for hundreds of years. This beautiful natural phenomenon is said to give inspiration to various artists.

The archipelago is known for its distinctive scenery, mountains and peaks, untouched lands and white nights. It lies within the Arctic Circle. Beautiful winter!

Lofoten and its white nights


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