Icebergs may be used as a source of the purest fresh water! 10/23/2015 •

Humankind is on the edge of a catastrophe: people in many countries suffer from lack of fresh water. Scientists from all over the world are trying hard to find a reasonable solution to the problem.

The situation is not a trifle one, as some of you might think. Just imagine, every sixth person in the world suffers from constant or regular lack of fresh water. The number of people is growing fast year by year. According to the recent data the demand for water increases almost by 64 million m3 annually.

When the water scarcity on the planet is really great, the humanity will face political and economic instability that may lead to armed conflicts.

However, some scientists believe that there is a source of pure fresh water that we should start using right now – icebergs! For example, every year 350 billion tons of ice break free from Greenland, the largest island on the Earth, and melt away in the salt ocean. Why not try to deliver these huge amounts of ice to those places and people that are in a great need of water? Wouldn’t it be a clever solution?

You are welcome to watch the video about one of the scientists who is greatly inspired by the idea and spends his whole life researching icebergs.

And what do you think about this idea? Remember to share your comments!


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