Indein village – a magical place amidst Myanmar jungles with hundreds of temples! 1/18/2016 •

Indein village – a magical place amidst Myanmar jungles with hundreds of temples!

Indein is a small village situated near Inle Lake in Myanmar. It is famous for two beautiful ancient pagodas. But what makes the place really attractive for tourists is that both pagodas are surrounded by the forest of smaller temples, some of them dating back to 14th century!

These two groups of pagodas are called Nyaung Ohak and Shwe Inn Thein. The distance between them is about 700 meters. Totally, there are about 1054 stupas in the area! Most of them are at least 2 centuries old and look rather shabby, because they have never been renovated.

The reason for this phenomenon is as follows: Myanmar people believed that instead of renovating an old temple it is better to erect a new one. Thus, many locals built their own stupas near the two main ones.

The view is so unusual as if you find yourself at a surreal place!

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