Happy Valentine's Day: interesting facts about the holiday and the essence of love! 2/14/2016 •

Happy Valentine's Day: interesting facts about the holiday and the essence of love!

Valentine’s Day is one of the brightest and tenderest holidays celebrated worldwide. But how much do you know about it? We prepared a portion of exciting facts you possibly have never heard of!

Let’s start with the origin of the holiday. According to the most popular legend the history of the holiday dates back to the third-century Rome, where the bishop named Valentine fought against Emperor Claudius II who banned marriages between young lovers.

Though the romantic legend presented in the video is closely connected with Christianity, some historians believe in pagan origins of the celebration. Way back in the 17th century Louis-Sébastien de Tillemont, a French historian, made a supposition that this Christian holiday has a lot in common with the pagan celebration of Lupercalia held annually in ancient Rome. The festival of Lupercalia was observed on February 13 through 15 in order to honor Faunus, the Roman god of fertility, and Juno Februata, a goddess of passionate love.

No matter what origin it has, we truly believe St. Valentine’s Day has the right to exist as long as it gives people positive emotions!

And now it’s time to talk about love since the holiday is devoted to this wonderful feeling. What is love? Is it something magical or can it be explained with the help of pure biology? Let’s see what scientists think about it:

The truth is that science still doesn't know much about love. However, most people who were in love at least once in their lifetime, believe that this feeling is nothing but real. For example, Maud Chalard, an art director and photographer from France, is one of the kind. Once she got tired of people who kept saying there is no love and started a photo project aimed to prove the opposite. She took pictures of different couples trying to render lovers’ tender attitude to each other. Maud's project turned out to be a success: her photos look natural yet beautiful.

And what about you? Do you celebrate St.valentine's Day? Do you believe in the power of love?

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