Lake Kaindy: a tremendously beautiful natural phenomenon! 4/8/2016 •

Lake Kaindy: a tremendously beautiful natural phenomenon!

Lake Kaindy (Қайыңды) is located in the Kungey Alatau Mountains 1900 meters above the sea level and is one of the natural attractions in Kazakhstan which is really worth visiting!

The lake is relatively young – it appeared in 1911 after a powerful earthquake which caused a rockfall. As a result, huge stones dammed a local river and the valley was flooded with water. At the end of 1980s the lake size became smaller because of a debris flow. Currently, the length and depth of the reservoir are 400 and 25 meters correspondingly.

The lake looks unique and fantastic: bare spruce trunks stick out of the lake, but underneath the turquoise water one can see well-preserved branches with green fir-needles. Though it is a hard-to-reach place and the water in the lake is rather cold all year round, it is a popular destination for divers and hikers.

The famous lake is not the only natural attraction in the area. Kaindy is translated from Kazakh as “full of birches”: beautiful birch groves and magnificent cliffs form mind-boggling landscapes of the Kungey Alatau which seem to be a gate into another world!

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