Little kids with their big dogs: the most adorable pictures you've ever seen 12/26/2016 •

Russian photographer Andy Seliverstoff catches the most precious moments of good friends and proves the friendship between a kid and a dog is the most sincere and unselfish in the world. See these charming photos yourself!

Andy Seliverstoff also has a book where the whole charming collection is presented. The book is available here: Little kids and the big dogs they love

Do you have a dog? Is it small or big?

Share your impression about these beautiful pictures in the comments below!

Photos by Andy Seliverstoff: Facebook | Instagram

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Your opinion matters
they are good pictures
Dec 26, 2016 9:34PM
Fran Barksdale
I have a Chihuahua and she thinks she is a big dog. I rescued her, she is my companion.
Dec 26, 2016 9:35PM
Sherry Callaway Arredondo
What cute pics �
Dec 26, 2016 10:08PM
Dennis G Horvath
Amazing how those animals bond.
Dec 26, 2016 10:17PM
Oscar Suarez
Oscar Suarez
Ihave a mini shnautzer and is a lovely dog, I love dogs., what a beautiful pictures.
Dec 26, 2016 10:44PM
Racheall Davis
Adorable pictures,I have an American Bulldog and he is so big over the babies,they love him sooo!
Dec 26, 2016 10:48PM
Amar Dhillon
Delightful and most endearing photographs!!! For me the one with the little girl in the pink skirt to be the best!!
Dec 26, 2016 11:13PM
Darla Deats
MARVELOUS pictures. I have two Maltese/poodle - one 16 pounds the other 10 pounds (HE thinks he's a Rottweiler) and a adorable Dandie Dinmont. Love love love my dogs because they ALL look up to me. LOL
Dec 26, 2016 11:28PM
Gery Tillmanns
What great images.
Dec 26, 2016 11:41PM
Janice Loggins
Janice Loggins
Dec 27, 2016 12:04AM

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