Main cosmic event of July: after a 5-year journey the interplanetary probe Juno will enter an orbit of Jupiter! 6/28/2016 •

On the 4th of July the space probe under the name of Juno will finally reach the orbit of the largest planet in the Solar System. NASA has even released a special trailer of this amazing mission.

Juno was launched on the 5th of August, 2011. Its main mission is to explore the gigantic gas planet - its atmosphere, magnetic and gravitational field. The probe will also help to verify the hypothesis that Jupiter has a solid core.

Juno will become the first space probe which will take the photographs of Jupiter’s poles and the second probe, which will go into the orbit of this planet (the first one was Galileo that orbited Jupiter from 1995 till 2003).

Juno operates on three solar-cell batteries that are the largest among other modern interplanetary probes.

By the way, the probe got its name from Roman mythology. Juno was a goddess and wife of Jupiter, the supreme Roman god.

Juno mission is the second project within the New Horizons program by NASA. And this is the trailer of this program released in June 2015:

More amazing stuff on QuizzClub:

Have you ever heard of this mission by NASA? What do you think of the trailer? Tell us in the comments!


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