Meet capybara - the most friendly and peaceful animal species ever! 4/23/2016 •

Meet capybara - the most friendly and peaceful animal species ever!

Capybara is the biggest rodent on the planet. But this isn’t the only remarkable thing about it. Capybara seems to be able to make friends with any animal in the world. Sounds impossible? Then check it for yourself!

This rodent is really big: it can weigh from 27 to 67 kg! It looks like a large, massive dog but actually is a cousin of guinea pigs or rats.

These extremely friendly animals are native to South America. In the wild, they inhabit banks of rivers and lakes because they just adore being in the water. They may do absolutely everything there– eat, breed and even sleep with their nose peeping out of the water. No wonder, that its scientific name Hydrochoerus Hydrochaeris is translated from Greek as “Water Pig”.

Capybaras are herbivores, feeding mainly on grass and aquatic plants as well as fruit and tree bark. Like its relative the guinea pig, the capybara does not have the capacity to synthesize vitamin C. That’s why in captivity the animals should be supplemented with this vitamin otherwise it may lead to a dangerous disease.

In captivity, capybaras live 8-10 years on average, whereas in the wild their life span is less than 4 years since they are a prey of many predators such as jaguar, puma, ocelot, eagle, caiman and anaconda.

Capybaras are social animals. They always need to be in a company of others. Their character is really calm, peaceful and friendly. That is why they can be on good terms with almost all creatures!

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