Meet musang, a producer of the most expensive coffee beans! 9/27/2015 •

Meet musang, a producer of the most expensive coffee beans!

It is hard to stay indifferent when you first see this cutest animal! Its another name is Asian palm civet or toddy cat. These animals are often captured by people: the most valuable thing about them is not their fur or meat, but their feces!

The animal belongs to the Viverridae family and lives in forests of South and Southeast Asia. Though its scientific name is Paradoxurus Hermaphrodites, the musang's reproduction system is the same as that of other mammals. This mistake occurred because female palm civets have glands that resemble male testicles.

The length of the animal's body is about half a meter, it may weigh from 2 to 5 kg. It has a long tail that is almost equal to its body length. The musang is a night creature, that spends most part of its life on trees and feeds mostly on insects, fruit and bird eggs. The palm civets are easy to domesticate that is why there are many families in the area that keep them as domestic pets.

As we have mentioned above, the most remarkable thing about these animals is their faeses, because they are used for production of one of the most expensive kind of coffee – Kopi Luwak. The thing is that musangs eat coffee berries and then defecate them as the most exquisite beans. Unfortunately recent increases in capturing the animals for Kopi Luwak production may constitute a significant threat to wild civet populations. Many of captured civets are housed in battery cagesystems which have been criticised on animal welfare grounds.

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